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When new technology breakthroughs emerge so do opportunities.

Artificial intelligence will change the productivity in business processes as well as the way we carry our daily tasks! At this exciting time, you may want to try something new in your career or within your company taking on an exciting and rewarding job.

You have a lifetime opportunity to build a leading product in your company or improve a process that has a significant impact on your organization’s bottom line. Artificial Intelligence (Ai)  and Machine learning (ML) are suited to do exactly that. If you want to lead a new product or process implementation, you do not need to have a PhD in computer science or a Masters in computer science. In fact, you do not even need to be technically educated.

Developing AI product and processes is not always predictable as in other areas of technology. There is more uncertainty due to the scientific nature of ML. I found that this uncertainty makes managers of all levels anxious and reluctant to embrace ML. If you are just starting your career or are in the first five years you will find it difficult to convince the previous generation of managers to jump into ML and AI investments rapidly.

Despite negative news about job disruption, research shows that artificial intelligence will create opportunities for a new category of decision-makers: AI Managers.  AI Managers will be able to handle the uncertainty of developing business solutions based on this emerging technology.

The fact is, artificial intelligence will create an opportunity for current managers, especially those who are in the early phases of their careers and are willing to learn and experiment with new trends. They will be able to harness complex decisions and create massive value for their organizations through the use of AI.

I was a product manager and a founder of few machine learning startups. In my experience, I found that in order to lead these projects you need significant cross-domain knowledge. Whether you aspire to make an impact, to keep up to date with current trends, or simply work on your own self-improvement, you will need to learn more about the field of AI to become literate, build products or innovate processes with ML.

When I first started six years ago I faced a number of challenges.  Although I had accumulated significant academic education such as my PhD in physics and an MBA, it was not easy to understand the information I needed.  To get into the field of AI I began volunteering with startups and medium companies to gain experience fast and work on new and exciting things. As I progressed with the tasks and started to become more proficient, I kept learning.

Learning was by no means an easy task. The day to day obligations from work to personal life and family obligations tapped my energy to deal with learning math formulas and watching long video tutorials that never seemed to get to the point of what I needed.

Even when I searched Google I discovered that the internet has become a place with a plethora of information that doesn’t address your specific needs. Finding the information I was looking for and that I could consume in a relatively short to moderate amount of time proved very difficult.

My goal was to identify the key system information I needed to design, implement, test, validate and maintain impacting business solutions. However, on the internet, I kept finding a lot of math and coding information which did not help towards that goal.

My intention with this class is to solve these problems I faced and to help new and aspiring managers to harness AI simply. More specifically, in a way to improve value to customers and the business metrics of their company.

This course intends to explore innovation around product and processes by using or incorporating machine learning. The course is designed for those who are innovators and solution-oriented. They are achievers and want to leave a mark in their business industry.

Whether you aspire to enter into this new field, you are already working in this area or you want to build professional authority, this course will help you achieve your goals and create a foundation for the future.

The course is based on a combination of practical use cases and notions on product/process design. We make the leap between product/solution research and product/solution development. We use real cases to provide the student with the end to end vision of what it takes to build an ML product.

The course and the use cases were designed by me and a few selected instructors from industry and academia. These instructors have a proven track record of innovation achievements.

We also encourage co-creation in two ways, by encouraging students to suggest topics of their interest and create a project of their own.

This course is an opportunity to learn and do, imagine a new future, and go make it happen.

We offer a set of videos that will explain the course in more details, just download one of our brochures or register for the free course. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.



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See the tools I used for my $20,000 launch!


See the tools I used for my $20,000 launch!


See the tools I used for my $20,000 launch!


See the tools I used for my $20,000 launch!