What You Need To Know About Modern Predictive Analytics. (Powered By Artificial Intelligence)

Francesco Gadaleta explains that in the last few years three factors have resulted in predictive analytics is easier and more accessible today than it was until few years ago. Why you can leverage it at a reduced cost and exceeding performances. a) Availability of data has skyrocket even for small companies b) Hardware and processing power [...]

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Something in Your Voice Can Save Your life.

Hi Paolo An MRI machine costs millions of dollars ( or Euros) and it takes time to set up an appointment with a doctor, get the MRI ordered and executed. A specialist will than review the scans and issue a report to your doctor. What if 3 minutes of your speech could give you 10 years [...]

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Finally, You Can Be Picky About Ordering Your Food! A.I. won’t take it personally.

Artificial Intelligence won’t take it personally. It won’t lose its patience listening to an endless list of exceptions and special requests. If you are picky about your food, about how you want you steak well done or medium rare,…if you cannot stand mayonnaise or butter…. And if like me, you have been afraid of any fast [...]

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Why Google A.I. Can’t Save Your life !

Did you know that for every call to ambulances and police received uncertainty in road conditions adds about 4 minutes delay to the actual arrival of help? Needless to say, that 4 minutes can be a matter of life and death. You may be tempted to ask why they do not use google Map? The answer [...]

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Retaining Employees With Artificial Intelligence

After funding a number of successful companies David Yang, silicon valley entrepreneur is now launching Yva.ai. a company that has secret plans to change the game in the HR industry. David and his team at Yva.ai are leveraging artificial intelligence to use People Analytics as a tool for prediction and prevention for employee dissatisfaction. You can [...]

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Subjectivity Versus Objectivity. Which one Makes the Most Money? Which One A.I. Helps The Most?

Subjectivity versus Objectivity is an enormous problem in many industries.  Variability in human judgment can lead to very costly mistakes. Usually a wrong problem diagnosis  can lead to a premature action or inaction that generates costs, some time fatal costs.  Examples include: 1)  in retail " did I get the right product in my inventory?" ,” [...]

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Deep Pornography! Gal Gadot (Wonderwoman) gets mad at Artificial Intelligence.

Wonderwoman has recently been featured in a pornographic movie. It turns out that the producer could launch the movie without paying neither rights nor actually getting the famous star Gal Gadot (Wonderwoman)  on the porno movie set. Yet she is the main actress in this movie!  Yet the movie photograms are very realistic. Each Sunday morning [...]

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Make an Executive Presentation in 1 Hour Without Knowing Much Of These Artificial Intelligence Tools.

Self driving cars is a hot topic today. Everyone thinks about it  when you hear the word Artificial Intelligence. But there is a little known detail about self driving cars worth to explore! What is less known is that companies working in this sector handle a complex pipeline of research, development and production projects. Therefore they [...]

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See the tools I used for my $20,000 launch!


See the tools I used for my $20,000 launch!


See the tools I used for my $20,000 launch!